Visium Farm

On-prem device farm solution.

Tackle sophisticated test cases with manual testing on real devices or run massive number of automated tests in parallel

Unlike emulators, testing on real mobile devices always provides more detailed results about your app and resource usage, also it helps you to analyze the real end-user experience more productively.


Visium Load

High capacity performance and load test solution.

You have to make sure that you give your customers the amusing experience they need to stay with your application, despite the limited tolerance and short attention span.

Visium Load is specially designed for high capacity performance tests. DevOPS & Agile Teams could conduct their performance and load tests during development and production


Visium Go

Easy write, easy read, easy run!

BDD based test automation framework that allows anyone to easily write, read and execute test scenarios

Guides organizations build products that manage complex interactions of many users and devices. Enables readable scenarios free of cluttered technical details. Natively stores BDD scenarios on GIT server just like your source code.